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May 31, 2014

Prague | Czech Republic

Prague as a more vibrant, green and social city! Those where the wishes of the 50 participants of the 1th SEISMIC inaugural meeting and the inhabitants of Prague.

The SKETCH adventure for SEISMIC started last Friday in Prague. The talented artists I found managed to gather ideas for social innovation in Prague and the Czech Republic by interviewing participants of the inaugural meeting and students from the art college.

How amazing it was to get a view on possible social innovation for the Czech Republic and what beautiful, striking and social ideas people posed. After speaking with all sorts of Czechs ranging from male and female, local and immigrated, young and old(er) these issues struck me most. Prague wants:

1. To increase the amount of vibrant parks and green in the cities where there is something going on: laughing, meeting each other, coffee, culture and designed public space.

2. More integration and getting to know other Czech's from different age, social, cultural and economical backgrounds organized by NGO's, the magistrate and citizens themselves to create more understanding.

3. Different solutions for public transport, transportation is currently taking to long.

4. More men at home! Because of the current rules for maternity leave women stay at home too long and there are only men in the workplace. Women are out of the working process too long and reintegration is hard because of the long absence.

The ideas people came up with to better the issues were also creative.

Anvita suggested creating a Laugh Park where people can go to laugh with everybody around and jokes are not provided. Stephanka designed a system of ladders to connect the city in the air because she wants to use all the space the city can offer. Social working places as in partnerships between businessmen and people in need collaborate in projects like cafes, magazines and bakeries seemed of good idea concerning Jirka. Taric thinks nightly taxi buses are a must for a lively city. Prague, you are not a village, get connected!

Kindergartens next to retirement homes are Pavel’s dream. A surrounding run by volunteers, because people in general should listen to each other more. By writing down the memories of the elderly Chech Republic history will be preserved. I think this is a good idea to achieve a more social environment. I was very charmed by Pavera’s suggestion for a “Get To Know Your Neighbour Day”, where you can shake hands with strangers in a box. Perhaps we could make it a European celebration day?

Last but not least Ales came up with the idea of a Hate Park. A place where you can express your complaints about the neighborhood on a scale from 1-10. Your fellow neighbors can also vote. The most serious problems need to be taken care of by politicians in collaboration with the neighborhood.

After speaking to all these special people in Prague I would advise you to mostly put energy in connecting to your environment. Connect socially and on a practical level (transport). Dear Prague, just smile and talk to person sitting next to you on the bus and find the entire city will be closer instantly!

I am very curious what the next meeting will bring and how we can relate the outcomes there with the ideas from the Czech Republic. I will keep you posted.....

See you in Italy mid July again!



I would like to give a huge amount of thank you's to the sketch artists. Franco Huller, Anej Nuhanovic, Magda Stanova, Ľudmila Hrachovinová, Honza Chabr and Stepanka Jislova YOU WERE AMAZING!
Furthermore great thanks to: Prague Art college for given us the opportunity to interview their students.

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comment from: Gabriele Guazzo | 06/05/14

I like the Marie's idea of cultural-like park in the center of the city and I like the painting! We look forward to welcoming you in Italy soon!

comment from: Koos van Dijken (Netherlands) | 06/05/14

Splendid and inspiring results from Czech civil society actors in Prague. I personnaly liked the idea of the Hate Park or the use of a speakers corner in neighbourhoods, prioritizing the ideas and solutions and oblige the politicians to take notice.

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