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May 12, 2016

Streetsmarts: A teacher’s guide on urban challenges and resilient cities (beta version)

As a partner in the SEiSMiC project consortium, the Regional Environmental Center is developing a teacher's guide for secondary schools on the topic of urban challenges and social innovation. The beta version of the guide is divided into eight sections, each covering a different challenge (e.g.  Adapting to climate change; Utilizing vacant urban space; Dealing with social exclusion and inequality). Each section includes lecture material, a fun classroom exercise or game; and at least one case study. Any of these sections can be covered in one class hour. In addition to the challenge sections, there is a concluding "creative workshop" that can take up to a half day of class time. The beta version of Streetsmarts is currently being tested in various schools and education programmes in Europe, and the lessons from these trials will be incorporated into a final version to be published in fall, 2016.