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May 19, 2016

Policy watch no. 3: New Urban Economy

The third SEiSMiC policy watch document explores the ideas and initiatives behind the term “new urban economy”.  It sheds light on the sharing economy as a global trend, and on the potential of this new economic model to transform sectors and industries by delivering both growth and sustainability. It also introduces the ongoing preparations for Habitat III, the major UN conference that will take place in October 2016 to develop a new urban agenda at the global level. A detailed look at the background and 12 priority themes of the EU Urban Agenda that is currently being drafted in order to strengthen the urban dimension of EU policies is followed by an exploration of the collaborative economy concept and the EC’s Circular Economy Package. Selected European projects related to SEiSMiC are presented, and the edition closes with a round-up of recent SEiSMiC National Network discussions and initiatives on the theme of the new urban economy.