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January 5, 2017

Online Urbanism Curriculum Launched

Online Urbanism Curriculum Launched

As one of the project's final publications, an online curriculum on contemporary urbanism has been published on SEiSMiC's website. 

Entitled "Streetsmarts", the curriculum is targetted at students of secondary schools and is written and formatted as a teacher's guide. It covers an array of contemporary urban challenges -- such as vacant  urban spaces and social exclusion -- and encourages students to discuss and debate possible solutions. Emphasis is given to socially innovative approaches.

Streetsmarts is organised in a modular fashion, with seven "challenge" sections, each of which may be taught in a single class period. Teachers can pick and choose among the sections, or tackle them all over the course of a few days of instruction.

An additional section at the end involves a roll-playing game called "The Two Islands", where students divide into teams and compete to see who can best utilize a set of given resources to create and govern a sustainable society. The islands game can serve as a wrap-up session where students draw on lessons from the challenge sections. The game can take up to a half a day of instruction.

Streetsmarts is a multi-disciplinsary curriculum that draws on and reinforces lessons from several classroom subjects, including math, language arts, computer science and history. To see how it builds on standard European educational competencies, check out this backgrounder

Before being published, Streetsmarts was trialed in multiple teaching environments, including in two Hungarian high schools and at an international sustainability seminar for high school and undergraduate university students.

Streetsmarts was developed by SEiSMiC consortium member Regional Environmental Center with input from other project partners, including Charles University's Faculty of Humanities in Prague.