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August 28, 2014

Swedish kick-off event draws 60

Swedish kick-off event draws 60

The Swedish Seismic network got up and running August 21 as 60 participants gathered in Stockholm to discuss urban challenges and solutions based on social innovation.

Held in an old factory that’s now an exhibition space (Färgfabriken), the meeting started with a talk that put the Seismic project and social innovations in a broad context. Local project leaders highlighted the project’s connection to European urban policy and explained that Seismic strives to bridge the gap between urban residents and institutions.

The meeting aimed to identify Sweden's unique contribution to the European context and relevant input for a European strategic research agenda. This was done in a workshop that touched on several themes of importance to Swedish urban areas:

  • access to and reallocation of urban assets;
  • diversity as an engine for innovation and sustainability;
  • change through participation and experimentation; and
  • adaptability, creativity and resilience in cities.


The newly formed network plans to meet four times over next two years, each event focusing on a different theme.

More about the meeting is available here in Swedish.