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October 15, 2014

Going low-carbon, cities change from the inside

Going low-carbon, cities change from the inside

Cities aiming for a low-carbon future are often stymied by the usual policy instruments, and new approaches are needed.

A recent EU Interreg project, Mitigation in Urban Areas: Solutions for Innovative Cities (or MUSIC), applies a transition management approach to help cities chart a sustainable future. Participants included the cities of Aberdeen, UK; Montreuil, France; Ghent, Belgium; Ludwigsburg, Germany and Rotterdam, Netherlands.

They identified five ways to achieve basic change from the inside, many of which dovetail nicely with the multi-disciplinary networking processes embraced in SEiSMiC.

More detailed insights from the MUSIC project can be found in this evaluation report. The manual is available in English, German and French.