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December 4, 2014

Online networking platforms launched

Online networking platforms launched


At SEiSMiC's recent international launch in Brussels, nearly 100 people of various backgrounds and expertise got together to discuss the role of social innovation in tomorrow's cities.

Coming from numerous cities  and 10 different countries, they all made new connections and discussed possibilities for future cooperation. Given that they won't meet again until the first international SEiSMiC Forum in April 2015, how will they keep in touch in the meantime?

SEiSMiC wants to facilitate interim networking in a couple ways, first by creating online discussion platforms on LinkedIn. Over the past couple weeks, a total of seven LinkedIn Groups have been created, including six thematic platforms arising from the launch's 'project marketplace' session, and a seventh for projectwide dialogue about general issues across all 10 national networks.

These are open-invitation groups, and we encourage everyone with a connection to the project to get on LinkedIn and request an invitation to take part. You can join as many of the groups as you like, whether you want to take an active part or just follow along. The seven networks are:

SEiSMiC National Networks
This is forum where participants in the SEiSMiC project's national networks can consult one another about issues in the networking process, including opportunities for trans-national cooperation.

New Urban Governance & Communication
For discussions concerning:

  • the sustainability of local projects and building capacity;
  • improving communication between 'formal authorities' and community groups;
  • cross-sector working practices and language; and
  • power and ınfluences ın development processes.

Measuring Social Innovation: Social Value and Social Impact
This core issue incorporates discussions around the development of indicators and measuring methods to capture social value.

New Local Economy
For discussions around:
  • resilient urban economy;
  • social Economy (social business and entrepreneurship);
  • exploring new forms of production and consumption; and
  • the connection of rural and urban economy.

New Urban Space and Urban Policy

This group covers:
  • urban sustainable development(USD);
  • the role of SI in shaping ‘new’ and ‘free’ public space;
  • practices of Participatory planning; and
  • JPI Urban Europe;

Social Innovation and Collaborative Mapping
Covers issues connected to:
  • social innovation mapping as a visual tool for monitoring resources, knowledge sharing, networks; and
  • social innovation mapping as participatory and collaborative practice.

Social Innovation Processes
Covers issued related to:
  • building a more inclusive society;
  • discussing new processes and new languages to break professional and policy silos; and
  • new forms of shared knowledge development.


As stated above, these themes all emerged from the project marketplace discussions on day one of the Brussels launch. For a reminder of the specific projects and individuals behind them, check out the conceptual document.

In time, networking around concrete projects will be fostered by an project database on Updates will be posted on the website.