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December 12, 2014

NaNet and urban issue results from Brussels

NaNet and urban issue results from Brussels

Two important products of the 24-25 November Seismic International Launch event were the 10 National Network posters and the results of the parallel sessions on key issues for urban research and policy.

Event organisers have made an effort to collect electronic files for all these outputs and get them online. So far, about 80 percent of these documents have been collected, and we can offer you the following links.

National Network (NaNet) posters were produced for all the SEiSMiC countries. They detail the composition of the networks, attendance figures for NaNet focus group workshops, areas of social innovation in each country, key messages for research and policy needs. Seven of the 10 posters have been collected and archived in this zip file.

Seven parallel sessions on urban policy and research needs each yielded conclusions, and so far those from six groups have been collected and posted here.

Findings related to social innovation from the first year of SEiSMiC are presented in a ppt by project coordinator Margit Noll. Download here.