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March 4, 2015

Report Sums Up Urban Policy Trends

Report Sums Up Urban Policy Trends

SEiSMiC has published the first edition of its Policy Watch reports, highlighting trends in urban social innovation at global, European and project levels. Produced by SEiSMiC partner Eurocities in cooperation with project partners, the twice-yearly Policy Watch reports seek to maintain the project's relevance in the work ahead.

Policy Watch #1 summarises the priority areas identified during the SEiSMiC's first year by 10 newly established country networks. These can be filed under three main groupings: new modes of urban governance; the new economy, including "sharing economy"; and new ways to manage public spaces and promote "livable cities".

Alongside these, three additional priority areas came out of interviews of individuals during the SEiSMiC Sketch exercises: expanding green spaces; improving public transport; and strengthening communities.

The paper sets these project tendencies alongside emerging trends around the world and in EU urban policy. Common themes are identified, along with relevant projects undertaken in SEiSMiC's national networks.

The report also examines significant developments in urban governance in selected EU member states, ones that could be bellwethers for the rest of the union:

  • decentralisation processes and challenges in Italy and the Netherlands;
  • the establishment of advisory bodies to inform and improve national urban strategies in Sweden and the United Kingdom; and
  • boosting social value in local government spending, with focus on the UK's Social Value Act.


The full text of Policy Watch #1 is here and a summery is here.