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May 22, 2015

Innovative Italy

Innovative Italy

As one of SEiSMiC's focus countries, Italy offers many examples of social innovation. In Italy, civil society has thrived over the last 20 years as citizens have risen up to solve problems where traditional government has failed.

Groups have countered corruption by calling for transparency in public administration, have cleaned up neighbourhoods when public services proved inadequate and have hauled trash where community waste collection has broken down.

Members of the SEiSMiC National Network in Italy have recently posted four articles giving an insight into contemporary social innovation in their country:

Project Promotes Transparency
Although Italian law requires transparency of public offices, a recent survey  revealed that just 41 percent of those offices actually comply. A new project at the University of Saleno is trying to rectify this problem.

Sharing Economy in Italy
Unemployment and economic crisis have confronted Italians with difficulties in basic subsistence. A number of grassroots initiatives seek to make communities more resilient and self-sufficient through collaboration and sharing.

Mapping Cultural Resources in Italy
People in a growing number of cities in Italy are using shared maps to exchange information about events, services and urban problems. Collaborative mapping could help establish a new model of participatory city governance.

Diversity of Social Innovation in Italy
Social innovation springs from several sources in Italy, including the trash collection crisis in Naples and the desire for cleaner, more livable neighbourhoods in Florence. This article gives an overview of grassroots activity across Italy.