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May 16, 2014

Get Your City Dreams on Paper

Get Your City Dreams on Paper

SEiSMiC begins its liveliest activity later this month with the launch of a 10-country tour of Sketch, a piece of street theatre that combines performance, drawing and audience interaction. It will be introduced in Prague, at the inaugural meeting of the Czech national network, on May 30. From then until fall, Sketch will hit cities in the rest of the project countries during their national network debuts.

In Sketch, the fictional character Arthur, an architect and urban visionary, works with a team of three local artists to document people's urban dreams: what they miss in their cities and why.

The artists will sketch the ideas on paper and produce a gallery of images showing a range of urban possibilities. Sketch events will be done with two groups of people: members of the local SEiSMiC project national networks, and regular people that Arthur and the artists encounter and engage with on the street.

Arthur will scan the sketches and blog about each city experience on the project website blog. The activity will culminate in November 2014, when the sketches from all 10 country events will be exhibited in a public space in Brussels at the SEiSMiC public launch event.

A fun and visual project, Sketch was pioneered by the Amsterdam-based artistic troupe New Heroes. It is co-produced for SEiSMiC with Het Zuidelijk Toneel.