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September 24, 2015

Mixed Housing Debated at NaNet Mixer

Mixed Housing Debated at NaNet Mixer Affordable, socially mixed housing was the topic of discussion during a SEiSMiC network exchange September 17 in Gothenburg.

The Swedish city is growing, but the flats that are normally built are too expensive for home seekers. This dilemma underpinned a public discussion organised by Gothenburg architect Joakim Forsemalm, of SEiSMiC partner Mistra Urban Futures, and enlivened by Dutch Architect Frank Wassenberg, of Dutch SEiSMiC partner Platform 31. Gothenburg City Architect Björn Siesjö also contributed.

During the panel, held as part of the build-up to Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary, Wassenberg shared knowledge and experiences from years of studying social housing in the European context. He shared his insights on socially mixed housing in an effort to shed light on the current Frihamnen development in Gothenburg. The project would give Gothenburg 1,000 new flats by the anniversary year of 2021.

The Frihamnen project includes a co-created urban park, a public bath and sauna along the bank of the Göta Älv River. The project would also include offices and other types of commercial use.

The discussion was held as part of Gothenburg’s first City Triennial, running three days in mid-September. Comprising a conference and several public seminars, the event is part of the build-up to the 2021 anniversary.

The triennial establishes the anniversary as a celebration of the city’s future as envisioned by citizens, associations, local businesses and visitors. A huge co-creative effort, the triennial draws upon 1680 ideas, some of which have been realised around the inner city harbour area.