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September 25, 2015

Urban Research Agenda Unveiled

Urban Research Agenda Unveiled

JPI Urban Europe, an international initiative that pools and harmonises resources for urban research, unveiled its new long-term strategy and action plan at an event 29-30 September 2015 in Brussels. The Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA), covering the years 2014-2020, was presented to secure commitment from stakeholders in policy, research and innovation and to prepare the first steps towards the agenda’s implementation.

The SRIA has evolved – under the guidance of JPI Urban Europe's Scientific Advisory Board – through co-creation with a number of representatives from different urban organisations and authorities across Europe taking part, among them researchers, practitioners, city representatives, companies, civil society, funding agencies and institutions. In the process of creating the SRIA there have also been national consultations and reflections made from the conclusions of the UN-HABITAT II, the EU urban agenda and European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Smart Cities and Communities.

SEiSMiC has also had an important role in the development. According to Margit Noll, of SEiSMiC consortium leader Austrian Institute of Technology, SEiSMiC had its most signficant influence on the SRIA's chapter on participatory processes in urban governance.

JPI Urban Europe was established in 2010 with the aim to make better use of public research and innovation resources and at the same time tackle urban challenges more effectively. Activities include financing European research projects, looking into long-term urban trends and challenges, involving urban stakeholders, creating networks and alignment between national and European urban research. JPI Urban Europe aims for research that is ambitious, sustainable and trans- and interdisciplinary in order to transform urban areas for the future.

The SRIA can be downloaded here, and further information is available in this news release.