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June 3, 2014

"Hate Park" to "Laugh Park": Prague Residents Full of Ideas

"Hate Park" to "Laugh Park": Prague Residents Full of Ideas

At the SEiSMiC project's inaugural national workshop last week in Prague, Czechs were full of ideas about how to make their cities better. Among the ideas: a laugh park where people could lighten up and a hate park where people could blow off steam.

The Prague meeting, held on May 30 at Charles University, got SEiSMiC off to a start in the Czech Republic by bringing together a wide range of urban thinkers and doers. In the coming year, they will build a cross-disciplinary network to address a wide-ranging set of urban challenges.

The workshop also included an event open to the public called "Sketch". A team of five artists ranged around the city and asked passers-by how they saw Prague and how they would change it.

Some ideas were quite serious, for example changing labour rules so that fathers can spend more time at home with their families and so women don't have such prolonged maternity leaves.

Other ideas were practical (improving public transport); whimsical (ladders in the sky to offer shortcuts between upper-storey destinations); and funny (body odour police brandishing cans of deodorant). See Arthur's blog for details.