project activities

Sketch exercise

SEiSMiC concerns research and policy, but the focus is on people. To ensure the wide involvement of all city residents, SEiSMiC will hold a series of interactive "Sketch" events in each of the project's 10 countries, as well as an overall public launch event in Brussels. With dashes of performance, art and play, Sketch creates occasions during which project participants can meet with citizens in public places for an exchange of views and ideas, and a bit of fun. Those who come to the event, by plan or happenstance, will be able to learn about the research themes and will also be invited to share their views on the burning issues in their cities. Sketch artists will make artistic impressions of visitor input and post them on a public blog. After Sketch events have been held in all 10 countries, the artistic findings will be collated and presented for public view at the Brussels launch event in fall 2014.

Teachers' guide

As a key legacy of the project, SEiSMiC will create a teachers' guide for primary school urban studies. The curriculum aims to give students a basic grounding in the key challenges facing European cities in the decades to come: poverty and social exclusion; climate change and energy; employment; education; and research and innovation. The scope of the guide has yet to be defined, but with the expertise available among the partners in the SEiSMiC consortium, it is sure to be an eye-opening primer on a timely subject.

Gender action plan and toolkit

SEiSMiC will create a gender action plan and toolkit, which will guide SEiSMiC partners and national networks in ensuring a useful gender mix in participatory and learning processes in urban development initiatives. The focus will be on methods and good practices aimed at letting women's needs and voices emerge in stakeholder involvement processes. The toolkit will highlight social and technological innovations led by women as a way of giving inspiration to the project's networking activities.