national networks

SEiSMiC is all about connecting urban people to urban research. It's a mutual learning exercise in which city stakeholders have an opportunity to influence research policy, and researchers can explain the fruits of their work to beneficiaries. To enable this exchange, SEiSMiC will set up urban stakeholder networks in 10 countries. A wide range of people will get involved, including artists, activists, academics, policy makers, museum curators, social workers and more. Each network will identify issues of common concern that are also linked to the EU 2020 goals for employment, education, climate change, research and innovation, and social inclusion.

Through network meetings and other events, participants will have a chance to influence the European research agenda, the activities of JPI Urban Europe and others. In turn, European research institutes will have a chance to better connect with the constituencies they serve, ensuring that research priorities are in line with social needs.