policy and research


Four factsheets will be developed during SEiSMiC, each covering a different key challenge for urban Europe.

The factsheets will spotlight research findings of JPI Urban Europe and will feature illustrative case studies from SEiSMiC project countries, gleaned from participants in the national networks.

Policy watch

From the beginning of the project, SEiSMiC will keep its eye on the latest urban policy developments at EU, national and local levels in order to ensure a common grounding for all project activities. This activity begins with the drafting of a scoping paper, which will be reviewed by representatives from the European Commission, JPI Urban Europe and others, and then by representatives from all 10 SEiSMiC network countries. The policy watch will draft policy and trend reports every six months. To ensure that these papers track important developments at country level, input will be gathered at meetings of the various national networks.

SEiSMiC model

Before the national networks are created, organisers in each country will carry out an exploratory exercise to determine how the networks will operate. At a series of focus group meetings with selected urban stakeholders, the organisers will strive to define a SEiSMiC model. This will determine:

  • the stakeholder mix needed at local level
  • the mix of disciplines on the basis of the experts involved
  • the mix of generations (teenagers, adults, elderly people) and genders
  • the expected outcomes of each network's activities