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We would like to welcome you to the SEiSMiC Sharing Platform!

In this database, you will find a wide range of socially innovative, inspiring projects from all over Europe. You are invited to search the listings, contact project owners and exchange ideas. You can filter projects by country (see links on coloured bar above) and by the social needs they address (categories listed at left). By clicking on a project, you can see its full details.

You can also share your own projects with others. By entering information about your initiative, you will become part of the SEiSMiC sharing platform that enables you to interact with other innovators and promote your ideas. After you enter your project’s details in the form below, there will be a brief delay to allow for editing and quality control, and then the project will appear on the platform.

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For your information:
Many questions in the project submission page allow for the additional answer "other". This is a living platform that will be continuously updated, with new categories added according to demand. In the meantime, if the given options don’t describe your project adequately, please give long-hand descriptions in the "other" field.

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Contact Paul Erian, the SEiSMiC Sharing Platform manager.