Moneeka C: Artist biography

Moneeka C was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where she lived until the age of 12. She studied art in Italy, the United States and France. Her work has evolved in direct proportion to her travels.

At the onset of her career, the artist studied various artistic styles. While working in France, she started painting “en-plein-air”. But these were cold works, images of a reality too narrow for her, too enclosed.

In Moneeka’s current works there are some elements reminiscent of the fauvist movement, such as the use of dark contours and strong primary colors together with a cubist touch.

In her paintings, Moneeka tries to depict a way out from the dark issues of life – a path of hope through color. She uses strong primary colors (reds of fruit and birds, blues and greens of jungles and seas). These hues bring forth optimism in a world filled with too much negativity.

“My artworks speak out against fear, rage and negativity. I want people to look at them and feel happy.”
Her art pieces belong to a number of private collectors in the United States, Spain, Italy and Venezuela.
The artist lives and works in Rome, but travels to several countries to organize her art exhibitions and get inspired!

“I always discover colors while traveling, and without even noticing they begin spreading on the canvas… Art is an infinite trip into color.”
In a few words, Moneeka C defines her art. But to understand the artist, we need to appreciate the importance of color and traveling.

“It’s as if I were constantly traveling, even when I am in one place. My paintings keep me moving. They are the bridge between everything I have seen and experienced, they are the key to my memories, the encounters I could not be detached from.”

“Despite the fact that life is often challenging, I try to see the positive side of life… Art is a path out of difficulty, a way to minimize harsh moments.”

Her productions embrace the idea of traveling and express the stages that each of us goes through in life. The paintings are divided into separate panels: single pieces, stages. Each can be appreciated as single moments and unique events as well as something bigger and complete.

The artist invites everyone to enjoy her unique artwork, to walk through memories and past experiences and explore new paths on this wonderful
Trip into Color.