Arthouse 52

Arthouse52 goes from strength to strength. Our moving problems have all been solved and we remain in the best little locality in Manchester. Chorlton that is. Apologies to all non Chorltonians for we’re sure you love your little part of the planet as much as we do. Gwyn is currently working on a commission for clients in America.

The other interesting thing is a new collection of work Gwyn is putting together, of rehearsals. Dance being the predominant theme at the moment (see work in progress). Gwyn is passionate about dance and movement. Our thanks to the important people who will make this project a success, the dancers that is. We will be taking shots and  producing works with the help of the staff and pupils at one of the best establishments in England, The Northern Ballet School, where all aspects of dance, modern, classical and experimental, are undertaken. 
Gwyn and James – Taken at an NSPCC fundraising event. A charity dear to Gwyn’s heart.

Our recent superb weather induced Gwyn to take up pretending to be a garden gnome and she went fishing in her sister’s ornamental pond. Needless to say she caught nothing!
A section of the Chorlton gallery is currently devoted to Rob Whitrow. Rob Whitrow is a full member of the Association of Photographers and has won 10, SUN (Shot Up North) awards in total. Two in 1998, five in 99 and two in 2000 and another in 2002. Rob is a specialist at shooting people and portraiture, taking on commissions with a varied feel, ranging from reportage through to heavily briefed, lit works. Whether on location or in a studio environment he is a skilled image manipulator and lith printer who has been shooting for over 15 years. During which time he has photographed people who have much, and people who have nothing. It is the diversity of his work and commissions that keep him interested and inspired.Rob has won another three “Shot up North” (SUN) awards this year.